Clarinet Repair

"Don's work is quality repair work I am proud to recommend. All 10 clarinets we sent to him to repad and set up play beautifully now... He is quickly becoming the place to recommend in his area- which is so awesome to see and SO easy to support given the quality work he is doing!"

~Lisa Canning, owner and "chief clarinet picker", `Lisa's Clarinet Shop

"The Clarinet plays better than when I bought it! There were two technical things (of many lol) that I had consistent problems with that are cleaned up nicely so I really appreciate it." - BL (clarinet is a newer Buffet R13)

"Thank you Don Nathan and his Nathan Woodwind Services for repairing my clarinet and bringing it back to pristine condition! Highly recommend for any clarinetists looking to get their instruments repaired or touched up. Absolutely phenomenal" ☺️ - BH

"[The clarinet] feels good, thanks so much! I’m looking forward to playing it!" - MR

"Clarinet works great!" -MS

"I just got my clarinet and it is playing and looks great! I’m very happy with it... Thank you again!" -LS

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